What makes our Pizza dough?

Based in Yorkshire, you'd expect an honest and direct approach to how we do things; we've been using water from 'God's own county' all these years - only the best Yorkshire water along with the finest ingredients are what you can expect from Massarellas and every frozen pizza dough ball we produce!

We are not going to start telling you that my great grandfather used to make his own pizza dough just like his mama before him, and neither we are going to say we have been here since 1900 as none of us is that old, but what we will tell you is here at Massarellas we really have the passion for pizza, and we'd like to share that passion with all pizza lovers across the country.

We have tried to bring a little bit of Italy to Yorkshire and from here share it with you all across the nation. Here at Massarellas we believe in taking pride in our product, giving good customer service, job satisfaction as well as staying afloat and making profit, they are all important to us.


We use the finest Italian flour in the production of our frozen pizza dough balls which comes in two types - Classic and Sourdough.

There are endless things that could be added to a pizza dough, from turmeric ,garlic, spinach to activated charcoal, but here at Massarellas we would like to keep our frozen pizza dough balls as traditional as possible - just like pizza has been for 100s of years!

Yes we do understand the health benefits of some of the aforementioned additives, but adding it to the pizza dough is not , in our opinion, the best way to supplement your diet. A better way to add these to your diet could be by adding them as part of your toppings. So there you have it! We just use Italian flour for our Classic and Sourdough frozen dough balls.


Every frozen pizza dough ball at Massarellas is packed with 80+ natural minerals and elements which comes standard as a result of using Himalayan Pink Salt in all our recipies.


Every frozen pizza dough ball at Massarellas is blessed with Yorkshire water, (No, not Holy water!) ,but on the other hand you could say the Yorkshire water is the Holy water for pizza! Our water supply was tested by Brita UK in order to have a water purifier installed. We were informed that our water supply had the best level of alkaline for making pizza dough and therefore we were informed there was no need for such an instalment as our frozen pizza dough balls were blessed with Yorkshire water!

We will do our best to dispatch any orders that have passed the cut off time where possible but we do not guarantee it and they will be rolled over to the following week.

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