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T3 Editor's Choice Dough Balls


At Massarellas we pride ourselves on creating great frozen pizza dough balls. Our range of quality frozen pizza dough's compliment any pizzeria or catering establishment. Our frozen pizza dough is also great for the home.

We were proud to see our dough balls receiving the top vote from the T3 Magazine editor who commented:
"My favourite choices of pre-produced dough balls are those made by Massarellas...".

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Quality frozen pizza dough balls

Our outstanding quality frozen pizza dough balls are the best you can buy. Suitable for all wood-fired, gas or electric pizza ovens including Ooni, Gozney Roccbox, Igneus and also home ovens. With over 35 years experience in pizzerias, our family-run business brings you convenient, reliable and delectable frozen pizza dough products. Our customers are our best advert, so please read our reviews

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Enjoy our award winning Pizza dough balls at home or in business

Our frozen pizza dough makes no fuss, outstanding pizzas for your home or for your business. Our packs of frozen pizza dough (Classic dough and Sourdough balls) are made with the finest quality ingredients: An exclusive blend of the finest quality Italian flour, yeast, water, Himalayan pink salt and virgin olive oil contribute to a 65% hydration rate.


Classic Pizza Dough

Drawing on over 30 years of pizzeria experience, we have developed a quality dough mix which is easy to work with. Using only the finest ingredients and made to a traditional, authentic recipe.

Weight: 220g , 250g

Box Quantity: 27 pieces (220g), 25 pieces (250g),

Stock: More than 10 available.

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  • 220g
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