Making Pizza

Points to remember when making pizza from frozen dough

When using frozen pizza dough, place the frozen dough base down(flat side) in your air tight container or cover it with placing a large kitchen bowl over the frozen dough to defrost.

Once the frozen dough is defrosted fully and is expanded to 1.1/2 times its original size it will be ready to stretch the dough.

Remember these points when stretching pizza dough and making your favourite pizza:

  1. Make sure you have dusted the surface you are stretching the pizza dough on with flour.
  2. Always put the defrosted pizza dough in a bowl of flour with the base first (flat side) and push in the crown of the dough (curved side) into the flour with your fingers and repeat this 2 to 3 times till the base of the pizza dough has been floured so it is not moist and tacky. You can now turn the pizza dough other way with the crown (curved side) going in to the flour and using your fingers push in the dough in to the flour and repeat 2 to 3 times or as many as needed till the dough is not tacky to handle.
  3. When stretching the dough on your work top always dust enough flour so while stretching the dough it does not stick to the surface or your hand or rolling pin.

Please remember a tasty pizza does not necessary have a lot of toppings or many. You should always be able to taste your toppings with one bite of a slice of that pizza!

Calzone from frozen dough