Calzone Recipe

Preparing Calzone from frozen dough

For this instruction we assume that the frozen pizza dough ball weighs 250 gm and we will be using 5 toppings but of course you can choose your own toppings.

Please note you should keep your toppings for a Calzone pizza between 4 to 5 items as there is only so much you can pack in to the Calzone pizza and also you have to be quick to seal the Calzone pizza!

  1. Sliced mushrooms
  2. Ham slice or shredded
  3. Sliced onions
  4. Bolognese sauce or pizza sauce
  5. Mozzerella cheese diced or shredded

First stretch the dough as per basic pizza. Looking at the round pizza base in front of you visually divide the round circle horizontally in to two parts then you have two half circle. Top half and the bottom half nearer to you.

You will need to get the toppings in to the bottom half of your circle but leaving between 1 to 1.5 inches from the edge of the curved circle all round of the bottom circle.

Start with hand full of mushrooms and try to keep them with in the centre of the bottom half circle as much as possible.

Then put a half hand full of ham on the top of the mushrooms and then half as much sliced onion on the top of ham.

Squeeze a good hand full of mozzarella cheese in your hand so they stick together and you should have a lump of mozzarella which then place on the top of everything else and if it needs breaking to a few smaller lump then do so as you please. Lastly put 2 to 3 spoon full of bolognese or pizza sauce all over the toppings preferably all along the top of the bottom circle so when you are sealing the calzone in the next stage the moisture of the sauce does not intefere with the sealing process.

When you have done all above lift the top half circle from the middle and fold over the bottom half circle so the edges of the two half circle are placed on the top of each other and then try to press the edges with your finger so the edges will stick together. You need to do this all round once you have sealed the edges together then for a better seal you can pinch the edge between your fingers all the way round.

You should now have a prefect calzone pizza which should puff up when in the oven.

Calzone from frozen dough